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Jenna keep killin em

If you love a fat ass and thick women, you got to know Jenna Shea, she got the best whooty (white booty for all you not knowing mfs) in the game.

Here is a latest picture of her incase you forgot ! Yep, she bad and you know itImage

Now all of you know that Jenna got a crazy body and a big booty, but what I love about her is her attitude.
Her twitter bio says : Dont be surprised if i ask where the CASH @ $$$$$
And it really describes her money over everything lifestyle, if you broke you can fxck off bitch (that’s the motto).

Jenna Shea is known for exposing dudes, who try to mess around with her $ and get something for free.
From NBA to football players, she doesn’t care if you mess with her C.R.E.A.M. you gone get your ass exposed.
Even if you aren’t famous, she don’t do it for the fame, Jenna just doesn’t want someone to mess with her , straight like that (In my Jeezy voice)

So shout out to her for keeping it real, and follow her at @IamJennaShea  see who gets exposed next.


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